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Different considerations when choosing carpet

When it comes to floor coverings, carpet is kind of like the “odd man out”. It’s the only soft surface floor covering in a world of hard surface floorings. Of course, it remains one of the most sought-after materials for your floors, and we’d love to show you why. As we look at some of the things that make this flooring stand out, we’re sure you’ll catch something that would make it perfect for you and your own home.

At Coastal Carpet and Tile Carpet One Floor & Home, we have over fourteen years of experience in creating the perfect flooring experience for homeowners. That’s because we carry excellent products and offer customer service that is hard to beat, in addition to professional installation and design services. We proudly serve the areas of Destin, Miramar Beach, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Elgin AFB, Seaside, and Mary Esther from our showroom located in Destin, FL. Feel free to stop by and speak to one of our flooring professionals, who can help you get your own flooring project started today.
Durable carpet in Destin, FL from Coastal Carpet and Tile Carpet One Floor & Home

Why choose carpet?

Years ago, many homeowners preferred to avoid carpet when at all possible. Of course, in those days, stains were much more common and often permanent. It usually made allergies worse, and it was hard to keep clean. These days, however, technology has come a long way, and these factors are no longer the reasons to avoid this floor covering that they use to be.

With some brands, stain protection is now commonly manufactured right into the fiber itself. This means that not only will stains be less of a threat to your floors, but they’ll be much easier to get out as well. Depending upon what factors you’re dealing with in your home, you can even add extra stain protection on top of that, once it’s installed in your home.

This built-in stain protection is also one of the reasons you’ll be able to keep your carpet cleaner. It isn’t just the big stains that we have to worry about, but also the everyday wear and tear that can really make your carpets start to look old and worn. With added stain protection, this everyday dirt and debris doesn’t have time to settle in and adhere to the fibers, so it’s much easier to clean.

For even more great reasons to choose carpet for your home, stop by our showroom to speak with a flooring professional today.

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